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Reciprocal Survival in Marriage
"Marriage is the Gymnasium of the Soul"
Creative Initiative Foundation

1. Resolving disagreements with inclusive thinking and without blame.
2. Joint financial planning and management to ensure mutuality.
3. Resolving conflicts by listening rather than letting them escalate.
4. Regularly expressing gratitude and appreciation for each other.
5. Planning for future uncertainties together, like retirement and health emergencies.
6. Prioritizing each other's personal and emotional needs.
7. Coming up with solutions to problems together as a team.
8. Fulfilling each other's social needs by spending quality time together.
9. Allowing equal opportunities for individual growth, development and accomplishments.
10. Supporting each other's professional pursuits and ambitions.
11. Encouraging each other to maintain good physical health.
12. Staying flexible and adapting to each other's changing needs.
13. Developing a shared vision for the future of the marriage.
14. Supporting each other emotionally during tough times.
15. Building a strong communication system to prevent misunderstandings.
16. Avoiding criticism and judgment to maintain respect for each other.
17. Willingness to forgive and forget and grow from mistakes.
18. Promoting mutual trust and faith within the marriage.
19. Spending uninterrupted time together each day to connect emotionally.
20. Celebrating each other's successes and accomplishments.
21. Reinforcing respect and admiration for each other's personality traits.
22. Sharing the responsibility of parenting, if applicable.
23. Showing care for each other's family members for a harmonious married life.
24. Ensuring mutual understanding and agreement in major decisions.
25. Practicing honesty and transparency in all communication.
26. Encouraging and supporting each other's hobbies and interest.
27. Mindfully investing time in nurturing the marriage relationship.
28. Balancing each other's need for both independence and intimacy.
29. Finding common ground and shared interests.
30. Paying attention to each other's concerns and fears.
31. Prioritizing the marriage relationship above all other relationships.
32. Establishing mutual boundaries to respect each other's personal space.
33. Supporting one another during periods of external stress or pressure.
34. Being open to each other's ideas and suggestions.
35. Engaging in joint activities to build mutual happiness and satisfaction.
36. Ensuring equal influence in the relationship dynamics.
37. Understanding and appreciating each other's cultural backgrounds.
38. Respecting each other's religious beliefs and practices.
39. Sharing responsibilities in the upkeep and management of the home.
40. Showing care and concern for each other's physical health.
41. Using positive language and expressing love frequently.
42. Enabling and encouraging mutual learning and growth.
43. Supporting each other's friendships and social relationships.
44. Actively maintaining a positive and respectful attitude towards each other.
45. Regularly engaging in mutual planning and decision-making.
46. Understanding and adapting to each other's personal rhythms and routines.
47. Freely expressing emotions and feelings without fear of judgment.
48. Making sacrifices for each other when necessary.
49. Always treating each other with kindness and respect.
50. Prioritizing mutual goals over individual goals.

Reciprocal Survival